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    Summer 2021

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    These Groups Are Handing-Out Our Flyers to the Homeless!

  • VHSCI Flyer for Homeless 0% Profit!

    Our Aim is to Distribute 100,000 Flyers to Homeless

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    Virgen Health Science Center International

    Virtual Health Care

    Serve Poverty & Rural Areas

    The unit provides health education and health services in virtual modalities to the underserved populations and agencies

    Health Education & Training

    Educate those in poverty

    Provide high-quality education to the underserved to allow them to promote preventative health

    Research & Data (CBPR)

    Evidence-Based Research

    Data collection to promote the health of the underserved. Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR).

  • Board

    VHSCI Ethics in Research

    Marcia Uddoh,

    MD (candidate) PhD, MPH, MS, MSW

    Founder /Board Member

    Former clinical faculty at the University of Houston. Upcoming Postdoctoral Research

    Lori Wolfe, M.S., C.G.C.


    Board Member

    University of North Texas

    Texas Teratogen Information Service, Director

    Deborah Thorne,

    Physician Assistant

    Board Member

    Integrative Medicine, PMR, Urgent Care PA

    Noreen Duggan

    Board Member

    Monty Kelly MD

    Advisory Board Member

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