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Help us Teach 100,000 Homeless Coronavirus Safety! This is 0% Profit

We are Teaching them With our COVID-19 Flyer Distributed to Shelters & Clinics

A few weeks ago, I read an article about how the homeless were confused about where all the people went, why the stores closed. "When coronavirus started getting bad here, the homeless that I help were reaching out to me, telling me that no one was helping them."


As a fourth-year medical student, It was then I knew I had to do something. This Flyer is the outcome.


Shelters, Soup Kitchens, and Clinics have agreed to distribute our flyers to the homeless. We are 0% profit.


We ask for your donation for the cost to print and ship the flyers! My goal is for us to distribute 100,000 flyers to the homeless! Thank you. God bless you. Stay Safe.


Marcia Uddoh


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